Sunday, February 04, 2007

I gotta move to Australia. Why? Because I'm a big supporter of two types of tech, mobile and green, and Australia has champions of both in the forms of Hugo Ortega and Jon Dee, who team up to show off the first Tablet PC with Sideshow display, the Toshiba R400.

I must say I'm quite pleased to hear another voice extolling the twin virtues of green energy and mobile tech, especially one with such credentials as Jon Dee. I hope to be living much greener over the next few years and someday be able to power all my tech with energy from the sun and the wind. Always good to see others pushing toward the dream.

Anyway, the video featuring Hugo, Jon, and the R400 is up at Ubertablet ( Go check it out!

Shoutback: Uber Tablet: a Tablet PC Talk Spot!: Toshiba R400 in the hands of two Aussie Influentials
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Green and Mobile Guys Down Under


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