Monday, January 29, 2007

Everyone's buzzing about the upcoming release of Windows Vista, and my decision to wait and see is looking better by the second.

First, there are corroborating reports ( that Vista is causing a major hit on battery life. Also, it seems the upgrade editions will not allow entirely clean installs ( And of course, we're still waiting on drivers to make everything work properly. I may give in to peer pressure and upgrade before desired, but not on Tuesday.

But Vista is not the only hot upgrade coming. Microsoft Office 2007 ( is rolling out, and it looks like a highly desirable upgrade.

The big change is the new interface, which looks very pen-friendly. But of particular interest to me is the inclusion of OneNote ( with the new Home & Student edition. Though it comes at the expense of Outlook, I think OneNote has more to offer students and I can't argue with promoting the most pen-friendly Office app to students and home users.

Office 2007 is definitely at the top of my upgrade list. Though the Home version does not include Outlook, I can get that separately later. No rush on that, but OneNote 2007 is the one I really want. Looking forward to seeing just how searchable it is.

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The scent of upgrades is in the air


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