Saturday, January 13, 2007

Okay, I admit I wasn't expecting much, and I was not disappointed, which is itself disappointing.

I'm referring to President Bush's new "plan" for the conflict in Iraq. I refer to it as "plan" in quotes because it boils down to "stay the course" but do it with more troops. He talked about securing Baghdad, strengthening the borders, and defeating the terrorists. Last I checked, that's been the goal the whole time, but now we'll do it with more troops. That's not a plan, Mr. President. That's what you do when you have no plan.

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President Bush's New "Plan"


  1. I gotta go with Olbermann on this one. Bush wants to delay as long as possible so the *next* president will have to pull out of Iraq, not him. :[


    By Anonymous timbo, at 1/14/2007 03:24:00 AM

  2. On 60 Minutes he basically said "I'm king of the world!" Except not quite in those words. He's going to send additional troops no matter what the congress or the American people want. He's going to make Iraq safe for the big oil companies if it kills us!Remember folks, he's "The Decider".

    By Blogger Clifford, at 1/15/2007 03:29:00 AM

  3. You're all a bunch of liberals bashing the Bush foreign policy, without providing a better "plan"; that’s typical.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/15/2007 08:44:00 AM

  4. Actually, my anonymous friend, I believe a set of recommendations was already put forth by the Baker commission. While I did not read the full report, my understanding is it did not read "keep doing what you're doing, but more of it".

    I'm no military genius, but at least I'm smart enough to know I'm not, unlike the guy who thinks "every war plan looks good on paper" and said there would be no surrender ceremony on the deck of a battleship... three years after he declared victory on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

    If you were a real conservative, you'd be upset by all of this, not just going along for the ride. Presidents Reagan and Bush 41 both recognized the value of a check against the power of Iran. W pissed on both of them when he destabilized Iraq with his bulldozer strategy. Continuing to bulldoze is not enough.

    But hey, you want an alternative? How about the American Dream? We forget about securing Baghdad and build a new capitol city from the ground up that's free of the built-in insurgency network. Center it around the oil industry since that's where the money is. Probably near Kuwait so it has easier access to the open sea. The Iraq government, which Tony Blankley points out is a bunch of guys hiding in the green zone, sets up shop there. We help people immigrate to the city, ensuring insurgents do not get through. Basically, we start over the real American way... with immigrants seeking out a land that offers freedom and security.

    Will probably cost a lot of money, but hey, we're already spending billions. Will take time too, but we've already been there three years and boomtowns have gone up in less. No, it won't end the violence that's already there, but neither will more violence. At least my plan offers an alternative to those who want it, and our efforts focus on getting them to safety rather than bringing safety to them. Right now, we're only putting out fires. Past time we started rescuing victims.

    By Blogger Sumocat, at 1/15/2007 09:42:00 AM

  5. I'm proud to be a liberal (:

    By Blogger Clifford, at 1/16/2007 10:36:00 PM

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