Saturday, January 13, 2007

Been sifting through the Apple iPhone ( reactions, which have been as wide and varied as expected. But one thing that baffles me is the persistent perception of it as a business or enterprise device. Sure, it has a lot of features that are useful for business, but it's still basically an iPod with phone and data connectivity. That doesn't spell business.

The big hang-up seems to be the price. At $500 for the 4GB model, the iPhone is a pricey device. People assume that means it is targeted at business. Yet they follow that by pointing out it lacks enterprise-level capabilities, like compatibility with Exchange servers and "push" email. Where's the logic there? One piece implies "enterprise". The rest plainly state "consumer". Not hard to figure that one out.

And it's not like the price is a hard limitation. People buy huge TV's for thousands of dollars every day. I see them load those monsters in their SUV's all the time. And what about those guys who spend hundreds on video game consoles followed by hundreds more on games? The market is there and it has money (or at least credit cards) and price won't stop them.

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Since when are iPods for business?


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