Friday, February 02, 2007

Okay, I get that we need to be careful and take all potential threats seriously, but I have a couple of issues with how the Boston bomb squad handled the Lite Brite bomb scare (

First, they destroyed one of the Lite Brites. You mean to tell me the Boston bomb squad couldn't tell they weren't bombs? Sure, it's better to be safe than sorry, and that brings me to my next point...

Second, they destroyed ONLY one of the Lite Brites. So they assumed just because one turned out harmless, the whole thing was a hoax? Great. That means a terrorist can buy 20 Lite Brites, put a bomb in one, toss 'em out, and have a 95% chance of not having his bomb found until it's too late. And if the bomb is found in the first shot? Then the terrorist bought 19 bombs worth of terror for the cost of 19 Lite Brites.

So yeah, those two morons who scared the crap out of Boston deserve a little come-uppance, but they also did the city a service by exposing its sloppy handling of this scare. Had this been the real deal, instead of one destroyed Lite Brite, we might have seen two, except the second wouldn't be controlled.

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Lite Brite or Bomb?


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