Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Okay, I knew there would be disagreement over my attempt to send some "best medicine" (http://sumocat.blogspot.com/2007/12/holy-s-dont-quit-facebook.html) Marc Orchant's way and I'm glad someone verbalized it (although I have to admit that I frequently disagree with Rob, despite my respect for his opinions). But then I read Loren Heiny's latest entry on Incremental Blogger (http://journals.tuxreports.com/lch/archives/004546.html) and felt the slap of irony.

Do I have to point out the pattern I perceive? Must I describe the irony despite the inappropriate humor it entails? No, I don't. But at the same time, this is where I present my perspective. Not sharing what I perceive defeats the point of the blog, and I'm not sorry to say my perspective is non-standard.

However, I will exercise restraint on this one and not connect the dots, not because it is in poor taste (and the way I connected the dots, it really is), but rather because it would make light of a tough situation for the sake of making light of it, as opposed to being a personalized expression of support.

Or maybe I'm just pissed that the universe is throwing another inappropriate punchline at me and expecting me to jump on it. Either way, I'm not describing the pattern this time, though I can't do anything about perceiving it.

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The patterns I perceive


  1. Thanks, Sumocat. Trust me, I understand completely where you are coming from.

    BTW: I totally respect your opinions - don't always agree with them, but very much respect you. Always hold you in high regard...


    By Anonymous Rob Bushway, at 12/05/2007 01:08:00 AM

  2. The important thing is that we are in agreement on our mutual respect, and quite frankly, I think differing opinions are more useful anyway.

    By Blogger Sumocat, at 12/05/2007 03:57:00 PM

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