Monday, December 03, 2007

Warner "Center of the Tabletscape" Crocker ( has issued his Third Annual Life on the Wicked Stage Ink Blot Awards (, or as I call them "The Blotties'', and my consistent award of most consistent (and creative) ink blogger Ink Blot has been retired. I guess it would almost have to be, what with me consistently winning it for consistency.

Fortunately, Warner has seen fit to award me a new Ink Blot for Best Tablet PC Blogger who should be an MVP, or more accurately, should be an MVP but is not. It is both high praise and an award for not winning an award. Thanks to all those who removed themselves from the running by becoming MVPs. I look forward to being retired with this Blot too. ;P

Just kidding. The recognition is much appreciated though I look forward to being ineligible for this category... eventually.

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Thanks for the Blottie... I guess


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