Thursday, March 15, 2007

It took a couple of months, but I'm seeing more of the mainstream analysts are starting to recognize the iPhone's ( target audience: iPod owners. Simply put, if you carry an iPod and a mobile phone and wish you had both in one device, the iPhone is designed for you.

Not sure why that's so hard to comprehend. It's an iPod with phone and data connectivity. That makes it comparable to a smartphone, but it's embarrassing how many analysts are completely overlooking the iPod aspect. Even the brainiacs at Forbes ( fail to mention the existing iPod/mobile phone user market (they also don't seem to understand the technical reasons behind the Cingular exclusivity).

C'mon people, you gotta think a little more deeply on this one and look beyond the smartphone market. Figure out how many iPod/phone users want a converged device and then maybe I'll take your analyses seriously.

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Analysts missing Phone's target audience


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