Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nixon opened talks with China. Reagan and Bush Sr. settled the Cold War without bombing the Soviets. One would think opening discussion with unfriendly nations was a strategy valued by Republicans. Yet, it took a costly conflict and a shift in Congressional power for President Bush to see the light.

Not only is the Bush Administration negotiating with North Korea (;_ylt=AnjqrJZgpLi9BfPKruoVRRSyFz4D), but they're going to sit down with all of Iraq's neighbors, including Syria and Iran (;_ylt=At5Q4rxbJf342G6bFtNrBRayFz4D), to discuss solutions to the conflict there. sure, folks have been calling for talks since before the assault on Iraq, but all those guys were pessimists who thought we'd get bogged down there without regional cooperation. W doesn't deal in defeatist terms. Hence, he now aims to get us out of this quagmire by calling for regional cooperation. See the difference?

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Bush now talking with 'enemies'


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