Sunday, February 25, 2007

In looking back on my voting history, I've realized a disappointing divide. Before the turn of the century, my votes had always been for someone, often Al Gore ( But since the Supreme Court named George W. Bush President, I find my votes have often been against someone, typically George W. Bush.

In '96, my first Presidential vote, I didn't vote for Clinton; I voted for Al Gore for Vice President to support his future run for President. In 2000, Al won more votes across the country (and in Florida), but the Supreme Court handed the election to Bush. Since then, no one I want to vote for, such as Howard Dean, has made it to the final election. Thus, I've found myself casting votes of defiance.

Today, Al Gore is once again awaiting vote counts, as his film, An Inconvenient Truth (, is being considered for an Academy Award and a Nobel Prize. Were I allowed a ballot, he'd get my vote. Sadly, such is not the case. I miss voting for Al Gore.

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I miss voting for Al Gore


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