Monday, October 09, 2006

Man, these guys are serious about pushing their forums. So here's the deal: you write a great essay on how it will improve your life and you may be in the running to win a loaded Motion LS800 mini Tablet PC ( There's more to it than that, so hop over to GBM and read the official announcement.

Let me tell you, even though I'm more interested in upsizing now, I did have my eye on the LS800 for a while. It is a potent little machine and I'd love to have one for the mobility value. But I'm sure there are others with more worthwhile uses who are more deserving. Could you be one of them?

Shoutback: - GottaBeMobile BIGGIE Contest - "Make me Mobile with Motion"!!!!
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GottaBeMobile giving away a Motion


  1. Holy Smack! O_O I think I gotta get in on some of this. An essay, you say? Hmmmmmmmmm!


    By Anonymous Timbo, at 10/10/2006 09:21:00 AM

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