Sunday, October 08, 2006

Gave a little more thought to Cloud Computing ( today. Although my opinion hasn't changed much, I am looking positively at the prospect of one day owning my own cloud.

Again "the cloud" is more or less remote storage of data and software on some server. Certainly I don't mind doing that for public data, like my blog, and data that is server-reliant, like email. But storing all my data on some remote server is not terribly appealing to me as a Tablet PC user.

That said, I don't carry all my data in my tablet. Much of it resides in storage accessible through my desktop. It's not a true server, but I will upgrade eventually and perhaps, as technology advances and becomes cheaper, I will have my own powerful media and software server with a fat tube to the Internet. That, owning my own "cloud" not just living on someone else's, is something I can get excited about.

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  1. I agree. Most of my personal data is small enough anyway that it can just be stored internally and my drives aren't that full so making back ups of those on an external hard drive is also relatively easy. Plus I'm just not sure about the security or privacy of storing data on someone else's server. Granted, I reckon it may be a mite more secure than keeping it locally, but I prefer having my data close at hand. Nice post.


    By Anonymous Timbo, at 10/12/2006 03:14:00 PM

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