Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"Holy s--t, dude! You see the bottom of your car? It's like an elephant taking a piss!"

That's what I should have said to the guy at the gas pump in front of me yesterday. I don't know if its accurate, but I swear a good half gallon of gasoline came splashing out from under his car right after he was done pumping. Not only did it form a puddle, but it streamed out too. But instead, I reacted with more calm, perhaps too much calm.

"Excuse me," I said, "do you know your car's leaking quite a bit of gas?" I rushed forward from my car as I said this, pointing urgently to the fluid that had gushed suddenly from his vehicle. Despite this, he responded with even greater calm.

"Oh, I guess I should get that looked at."

To his credit, that is what he should do, but I was thinking more in the timeframe of "right now" whereas he seemed pretty chill about it. In fact, the guy at the pump adjacent to mine showed more concern when he suggested we get the hell out of there after I relayed the story to him. Good advice.

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Like an elephant taking a leak


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