Monday, October 02, 2006

At GottaBeMobile (, Warner linked to an editorial blog post on the subject of emotional attachment to paper and the near-term future of digital alternatives. Fairly accurate, I think, especially this closing line:

[But if Rogers is talking about a clunky, fragile, £2,000 Tablet PC with the usual 96 ppi TFT screen and glitchy software, then no. I can't imagine anyone having much of an emotional attachment to that junk either.]--Alistair Dabbs (

True 'dat, Al. Really, is there any reason to develop an emotional attachment to a Tablet PC? Sure, I've customized and personalized mine to fit my personality and productivity needs. Menus are where I want them. Changed the cursor to crosshairs for accuracy. Decal'd the chassis. Coordinated the wallpaper. Customized the buttons. Basically made it my own, but is there any emotion tried to that?

And yeah, I do take it everywhere, so I can work or play during downtime. For example, take this blog entry and nearly any I compose during the work week. I find it more constructive to write down my thoughts than simply veg out during slow times. Even games are more productive since I lean toward puzzle-types. And of course, I can also rely on it for music & video, especially now with my Bluetooth stereo headset. But as a digital book, I don't see how an emotional attachment can be had.

Okay fine, if we want to delve into potentially emotional aspects, I do also use it to write (not type) letters to my family, build scrapbook pages for personal photos, record my private thoughts, and manage my personal information. Journal, sketchbook, calendar, it replaces all those paper items I formerly used. But emotional attachment? That's just silly.

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Emotional Attachment to Tablet PC


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