Monday, October 02, 2006

Matt Miller (, known in some parts as PalmSolo and the Mobile Gadgeteer, has joined the dark side by succumbing to peer pressure to name his Samsung Q1 UMPC ( Oh wait, did I say "dark side"? I meant "dork side", and he's even agreed to let the MobileTechRoundup ( listeners pick the name in exchange for fame and prizes.

Personally, I'm not seriously interested in the glory, but I had already thought up a name after listening to the Q1 Show, I mean Motr #69 (, so I'd better share it while the topic's fresh: Q-Bacca.

'Cause he's "PalmSolo", get it? He can call it "Q-wie" for short and switch all the alerts to Wookiee ( noises. That's what I call the full power of the dork side.

Shoutback: MoTR ยป MobileTechRoundup 70
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Name Matt's Samsung Q1


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