Saturday, August 25, 2007

Okay, I haven't had a chance to really explore my network drive yet, but I've set it up and tried a few things.

First, setup was really simple. Two plugs: power and ethernet. The Buffalo LinkStation Live ( is very compact and quiet. I have it under the corner table in my living room with my router and UPS ( Absolutely unobtrusive.

The drive came with an installation CD that connects the drive to the network and my computer to the drive. Then, the drive settings can be adjusted via a web-based interface. Set some passwords, enable media sharing and it's good to go.

I've been ripping CDs to the drive in the background while I surf the web, blog, etc. With media sharing enabled, the folder designated for media shows up in iTunes as a shared folder. This allows me to play all the media on that drive, but I can't grab or drop files that way. I've been doing that through Windows Explorer instead. It's a tough limitation, but I'm considering ways to make it more manageable.

I haven't yet saved a backup image to the drive. Over my 802.11g ( wifi network, the time required exceeds twelve hours. I need to either start it right when I come home from work or hook into the router via ethernet. Fortunately, the drive has a gigabit ethernet ( port, so it will keep up when I eventually upgrade to 802.11n. Also, smaller backups, like my Outlook file, works fine and after my initial backup image, I can set my tablet to do incremental backups (, which are small updates to the main backup. Those smaller updates should work fine over 802.11g.

Finally, web access is still not enabled. I need to open a port in my router, and while I know the password, apparently my user name is not what I thought. I must get that from Comcast before the web access will work from anywhere. However, it does work at home.

I'll post another update after I free up some time and tweak the system a bit.

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