Saturday, August 25, 2007

As you read this, a baby chicken is getting its beak sheared off with a hot iron and being stuffed in a small cage where it will spend the rest of its short miserable life until it is killed, steamed, and quick frozen, not necessarily in that order. It happens every minute in this country, to millions of birds each year, and the end result is available at nearly any drive-thru window.

A minute ago, a calf was born, taken from its mother, and moved to a pen that restricts its movements so that its muscles will remain tender. Its mother will be hooked to a milking machine that will not stop until the pus in its milk exceeds legal levels... and maybe not even then.

Michael Vick ( killed a few dogs. The masses condemned his cruelty... then went back to eating their hamburgers and fried chicken, blissfully unaware of the pain their dollar menu lunches endured. Dogs are special.

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Dogs are special


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