Monday, August 13, 2007

Diabolical genius Karl Rove ( announced today he would be leaving the Bash Administration at the end of the month. Normally, no one would care if the President's chief political advisor left a year and a half before the end of the President's second term. It's not like W will need him for another election campaign. But Rove is a special case since he has been so involved in everything the President has done. Far from being just a campaign manager, Rove has been described as "Bush's Brain (".

Despite my consistent contempt for all things W, Rove is somewhat of an exemption to the general rule. While the others receive my contempt for being morons, Rove has earned my respect for being a genius, albeit a truly, thoroughly evil one. While I sometimes play at being an evil genius, this guy is the real deal.

Running down a few of his devious deeds: He turned John McCain's adopted daughter (from an orphanage run by Mother Teresa) into a political liability ( with a push poll asking if people would vote for McCain if he had fathered an illegitimate child with a black woman. Made it tough for McCain to be seen with his daughter from Bangladesh (again, from an orphanage run by Mother Teresa) while campaigning in the South.

Using tactics like that, he managed to get the Emperor and his thug, Darth W. Vader into the White House twice, and the second time was legitimate. He saved the GOP from a landslide loss in 2004, despite rampant self-destruction among the candidates.

And I thoroughly believe he engineered the memo ( that killed all media attention on W's absence from the National Guard. The release and subsequent discrediting of that memo was superbly timed to protect W. If it wasn't a contrivance, then it was the most incredible stroke of luck possible, and I find that even harder to believe. One day, when there's no one left to punish, it won't surprise me when historians learn the hand of an evil genius was behind it.

Farewell 'o mastermind of malice. Your reign as the brain may be ending but the impact of your malignance shall echo an eternity.

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