Saturday, March 24, 2007

It seems like only yesterday I wrote about saving inked notes to my iPod Nano ( In fact, if you're reading this off the home page (, archive page ( or search for "iPod Nano" page (, you can see it literally was yesterday (

Well, after reviewing the events of yesterday, I realize I accidentally found a considerably easier way to port my ink notes to a pocketable device. Here's the "kick myself in the head" part: I did it yesterday to show you what the ink on the iPod looks like.

So I may or may not be doing that iPod note thing too often. I do carry the 'pod regularly (it is my only worn piece of tech) and the image is very crisp even at that small size. But it is quicker to snap a photo than plug in a sync cord, and the screen on my camera is larger than the Nano's. On the other hand, having my notes on the Nano is so much cooler... Screw it, I'll just do whatever makes more sense at the time and be grateful that I've got the options.

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An easier portable note solution


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