Sunday, December 04, 2005

One thing I notice about Intelligent Design theory is that it fits seamlessly with the ideology of cults that believe we were created by extraterrestrials. In fact, given that our design is far from perfect, it makes more sense that our creators were flawed beings of advanced intelligence than a perfect being of supreme intelligence.

Revisited this idea after reading this article about SETI vs. IDT. It basically refutes the argument from ID ideologists that the search for extraterrestrial intelligence is based on the premise that complexity indicates intelligence, just as ID is. This is, not surprisingly, an incorrect statement; SETI searches for artificiality, patterns which would not occur in nature, not complexity. This is not to say our complex structure could not have been created by aliens, only that SETI is not judging intelligence based on complexity.

Not-so Intelligent Design: Alien Design?


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