Monday, November 28, 2005

This idea has been promoted many times by James Kendrick (as has the importance of searchable text in ink blogs). Not sure if he's mentioned this particular product, but here it is straight from the latest Wired Magazine.

[Scan --Samsung a940 | Scanner | Use the camera to photograph that super-hot honey's business card. Through the magic of optical character recognition, the letters are transformed into text data that's then transferred to the phone's contact list. It's the ultimate address book for the terminally lazy.]

What baffles me is that I've seen ads for this phone and never saw anything about this. Seriously, this is such a pimp feature; they really should play it up.

BTW, I scanned this using my new HP 4670 vertical Scanjet. I took it off its stand, placed it flat on the magazine, and saw what I was scanning. Definitely worth the super discounted price I paid.

Cameraphone With OCR


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