Saturday, November 26, 2005

Perhaps, but I would consider that to be as negative as having too much sex with my wife or having too much food on Thanksgiving. In other words: Pretty damn great! So what are all these tech upgrades? Well, it started with that digital camera I found, which is still coming up empty with the lost & found notices I posted. Will give it at least through Christmas before I start shopping for adapters.

The big upgrade came on Thanksgiving when Tanya's uncle Mickey gave us his "old" IBM desktop. I have been computing entirely on my Tablet for the last year, which I greatly enjoyed, but I've contemplated the value of adding a desktop for media, document storage, and heavy lifting. Now the pondering is over and the implementation stage will begin. The machine is a few years old but still fast enough for multimedia and server functions.

Finally, I hit one of the doorbuster sales yesterday. Not Best Buy or CompUSA or any place "cool" like that. Instead, I shot over to Staples for the "Doorbuster for Dorks" sale, only twenty other dorks in front of me at 15 to opening. Much better than the hundred in line at Best Buy. Anyway, my shopping spree there was purely personal (did actual holiday shopping afterwards). Picked up a dual layer DVD burner for $20 after $20 rebate and the HP 4670 Vertical Scanner for under $40. Been eyeing this scanner for months, looking at refurbs on eBay for under $50. No way I could pass up this deal for a new one. And the burner is just something I need for storage, copying home movies, and ripping DVDs to my Tablet. Conveniently, these things will work perfectly with my new desktop set-up. So now I have a solid home system to support my mobile one.

Interestingly, with the potential exception of the camera, all the gear has been stationary. Perhaps it's a balance against my focus on mobility this past year. Or perhaps it's the universe's way of testing my patience given that I have been away from home this weekend and won't be able to spend much time with my new gear for a while. Oh well, perhaps I'll get back on the mobile track on or after Christmas.

Too Much New Tech?


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