Saturday, November 19, 2005

In the debate over Not-so Intelligent Design, ID conspirators insist that life is too complex to have occurred by chance. In the past I have questioned our complexity, wondering if life is truly complex or if our minds are too simple to understand that it is not complex. However, what if we really are complex, does that mean we must be the product of an intelligent design? Does complexity denote intelligence? To some extent, yes. But to our perceived extent, no and here's why. From [screen capture] I blogged about this study a few weeks ago. Basically, it states that clear, concise, easily read writing is perceived as being more intelligent. On the flipside, excessive complexity is perceived as being less intelligent. Let's take that and mash it into Intelligent Design. A genetic code packed with filler and disease, vestigial body parts, not very simple, not-so intelligent.

NSID: Complexity Vs. Intelligence


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