Thursday, November 02, 2006

Received a comment from Gabe ( asking how I do my Links in Ink. Seems I'm overdue to refresh the topic, so here's a $2 recap at no charge.

First, I compose in Windows Journal ( Then I snip images of the ink using the Snipping Tool ( and save as JPG using The GIMP ( (ST lacks JPG compression). The images are uploaded to my FTP site. Then I weave image, text, and hyperlinks together using a custom JavaScript tool that spits out HTML that I paste into Blogger. That's it as far as posting entries is concerned.

Now, as to how the Links in Ink work, that's a matter of JavaScript and CSS magic. The links are standard anchor tags that are given absolute positioning and dimensions via CSS. Absolute positioning, however, is based on the web page, not the objects in it, such as images. Thus, a little JavaScript is necessary to position the links with their ink images. I've added the necessary scripts and styles to my blog template.

However, each entry requires some HTML coding and that's where Build 52 ( comes in. That's the tool I made to put the tags together. The original is still online in right ( and left ( hand versions, but I reworked a version specifically for my use, 52 Scribbles ( This one pretty much only works for me, but it produces the the code you currently see and, because it's all JavaScript, it can be modified with a text editor.

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