Monday, September 04, 2006

Decided to call my customized version of Build 52 (, 52 Scribbles, as in the version of Build 52 modified for Sumocat's Scribbles. The tweaks in this version not only make it a one-stop-shop for adding links to my entries, but also adds functionality not normally offered by Blogger. True, Shoutbacks, CateGoogles, and Moods are not as good as their normal counterparts in other blogs, but they are completely customizable.

Also, anyone reading a text-only version of this post will notice URLs next to text that have hyperlinks in HTML. That's right people: Sumocat's Scribbles now offers Links in Ink, links in HTML text, and links in plain text. Shoutout to Anonymous poster ( for suggesting the latter.

And now the news that would be bad if anyone cared: 52 Scribbles is designed specifically for me. Sure, anyone who knows HTML & JavaScript could modify it for themselves. But as is, this baby is geared for Scribbles, hence the appropriateness of the name. You're more than welcome to rework it though. It's online here (

CateGoogles: Build 52
Mood = excited

52 Scribbles is online


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