Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I don't own a videogame console, so I don't play any of these controversially violent video games. I don't have anything against them. It's just a matter of time and resources.

That said, I find it hilarious that some gamers are upset that the game "Bully" (http://www.rockstargames.com/bully/) allows the player character, a boy, to make out with either girls or other boys (http://news.zdnet.com/2100-1040_22-6130423.html). Yes, the usual groups protested the game for the gameplay that requires beating up kids. But now there are gamers, who are totally cool with the violence, getting their thumbs bent out of shape because the game has the option of kissing boys.

C'mon dudes, grow up. No one's making your bully kiss boys. What about female players? Maybe they don't want their character, who they could pretend is a tomboy, to make out with girls. Oh, but I forgot, girls don't play videogames. (yeah, right)

Besides. for all you know, the prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Theft_Auto_(series)) are transvestites. They're just pixels and programming, guys. Their chromosomes are 0's and 1's, not X's and Y's.

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"Bully" goes both ways


  1. I wouldn't get upset but I wouldn't let my son play it... at any age.

    By Anonymous Josh Einstein, at 10/31/2006 09:36:00 PM

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  3. Can't say I've seen the game, but I've heard it's good. Been too busy to play anything lately


    By Anonymous timbo, at 11/01/2006 10:20:00 PM

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