Saturday, October 28, 2006

Nearly ever since I got my Notebook ( (Tablet PC), I've been looking forward to someone developing a dual boot system that would allow one to have instant-on PDA functionality, in addition to full PC power. DualCor ( appeared on track to deliver this with their cPC. However, they've since derailed and a more likely contender, I think, will be a Notepad (UMPC) that takes advantage of the SideShow technology in Windows Vista. (
A lot of attention was been paid to adding SideShow to peripherals, like mobile phones, and detachable secondary displays that would work like PDAs. For the mobile market, however, I think a more promising use will be to use the existing components of the UMPC to call up SideShow. No separate display, just one screen that can go instant-on as SideShow then switch to full Vista if desired.

And since Sidebar gadgets can be ported to SideShow, there is tremendous potential for customization and adding functionality beyond PIM access. Throw in access to the built-in wireless and/or input devices, like cameras and microphones, and you're looking at one very useful device. Hope to see someone take advantage of this potential soon (or more accurately, relatively soon, as we still need to see Vista released first).

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UMPC's and Vista SideShow


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