Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saw an iPhone ( in our wild on Friday. Woman at the Starbucks ( was tapping away at it, so I knocked her down and took it!

No, not really. A woman at the 'Bucks did have one, but I didn't handle one until we went to Tyson's Corner on Saturday and popped into the Apple Store (

Didn't spend too much time fooling with it. Primarily wanted to see how it displayed my blog and to try out the keyboard. Both worked beautifully.

Scribbles was fully rendered. No hover for the Links in Ink since the iPhone has no cursor, but they displayed and clicked through properly. Zooming was smooth and sharp. The keyboard took some practice, but I like the feel of the screen, and I worked it well enough to leave a comment on the blog. Definitely keeping an iPhone on my future buy list.

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Mood = excited


Finally put my hands on an iPhone


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