Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Department of Justice ruled that Internet service providers should not be disallowed ( from charging extra for the delivery of premium content. Among the arguments for this was that the U.S. Postal Service charges more based on weight and services, and Internet providers should be allowed to do the same. Only problem is the ISPs are private companies, like UPS or FedEx. Those guys can charge whatever they want, but competition keeps them in check, except their competition includes the U.S. Postal Service. Where's the USPS of the Internet? Where's the low-cost government-run Internet that goes to every home and is affordable to use? If the ISPs want the Internet to be like our package delivery industry, then I say we go all the way and create a U.S. Internet Service to provide basic service to everyone and let the ISPs have their premium tiers. Let's see how badly they want a two-tiered Internet then.

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The Internet needs a post office


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