Friday, September 07, 2007

So, in the aftermath of of yesterday's iPod onslaught, let's take a look at who makes out and who's getting the iShaft.

1. Anyone who wanted a price drop on the iPhone.
2. Starbucks. They've been trying to get their music sales going. Now they've got iPod support. (
3. The many folks I predicted would want an iPhone without phone service.
4. Steve Jobs

1. NBC Universal. Dropped out of the iTunes Store ( just before the release of a widescreen video iPod and a price cut on the iPhone.
2. Intel's MID platform. They're expected to push the Mobile Internet Device platform next year ( after Christmas buyers load up on Apple's MlDs.
3. Microsoft (2 times). A) Zune 2.0 ( better come with wireless headphones or else it's dead. B) Their UMPC platform was supposed to be an affordable, consumer-level mobile computer. Apple's offering three of the four with an OS that can scale up as hardware advances to offer the fourth.
4. Nokia. As if they didn't have enough trouble breaking into the U.S. market, now the hot phone star is cheaper and there's an iPod that's an Internet device.

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iPod Barrage: Winners & Losers


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