Thursday, April 12, 2007

And by that, I mean he's accepted an invite to join the Mob bosses over at ( Great news for them. This guy gets his hands on more gadgets than a person in an industry performing tasks I cannot mention in public without violating the blogger's code of conduct. If UMPCs were sentient, they'd file a class action suit on this guy for harassment and win because his fingerprints are all over their touchscreens. Hugo makes Rob Bushway ( look like the Man of Few Tablets (but still plenty of bags). If Hugo was a planet, he'd be Saturn ( because it's surrounded by a HUGE "O"...

Okay, that last one was totally irrelevant, but the point is Mr. Ortega is bringing a lot of mobile muscle to the mob. I'm sure he will double my current backlog of GBM InkShows.

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Hugo Ortega joins the Mob


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