Monday, April 02, 2007

I was tweaking the memory settings on my Toshiba R25 ( Saturday night and unfortunately found one that it absolutely hated. Kept crashing minutes into startup. Tried to do a System Restore but it turned off amid all the crashes, which dumped all my restore points. By then, I'd given up and went to my backup image, which worked like a charm. The backup was a few weeks old, but I managed to pull all the documents since then. Lost some time but no loss of data. Acronis TrueImage ( rocks!

While the big tablet was restoring, I went with my wife to a meeting of the Blue Ridge Vegan Society ( and took my little Electrovaya Scribbler ( with me. I must say, even though it was nice to have the smaller, lighter tablet in hand and on its little stand, I was feeling a little "Flowers for Algernon" ( with that little screen and wimpy processor. Nothing but Core 2 Duo or better for me from now on.

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  1. now, we use samsung galaxy tab ... it is much awesome and reliable... the good old days..

    By Anonymous Danial, at 2/29/2012 10:30:00 PM

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