Friday, December 08, 2006

Decided to refer to the trip as Hawaii Ink for easy searching. Day one was filled with pleasant surprises.

First, my brother's flight was delayed, which brought it in at the same time as mine, so my morn only had to make one pick up trip. Picked up some lunch and visited my grandmother at her new care home before heading home to unwind.

And, surprise of surprises, one of my best friends was also in town, and he stopped by for a visit last night. My friend Lawrence runs an auto customizing shop in Seattle, and my brother lives near it. My brother Rick told Lawrence I'd be in town, and they worked out a surprise visit. We'll be getting together again later today (Day two).

Jet lag hasn't been too bad. Need to watch my hydration levels. Most painful thing has been using my mom's dial-up. Must upgrade her before I leave, especially now that she has a laptop she lugs to different rooms.

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Hawaii Ink: Day One


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