Thursday, November 10, 2005

Forgot my primary next to the bed, back-up fell out of the slot when I picked up my tablet in the morning. Thus, I spent Wednesday without a stylus. Had to plug in my portable keyboard and go without pointer input. Fortunately, I haven't forgotten how to do that. Reminded me of Warner's comment that I might start shopping for a convertible after playing with his M200. Even though I use a slate, I do not consider myself a "slate Purist". I definitely see and appreciate the value of having a keyboard and touchpad, especially after yesterday. Also, I have an affinity for things that change shape (as my Transformers collection proves). That said, I like hybrids too (such as any wife's Toyota Prius). True, you can't lose the board and pad of a convertible, but I would only use them in an emergency, like yesterday, so integration's not a necessity. Form factor's just not that important to me since I prefer to use my own full-sized gear at home anyway and rely on pen on the road. P.S. Wednesday sucked.

Day Without a Stylus


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