Monday, October 31, 2005

Another opportunity to win a Tablet PC comes to us from Gateway and co-sponsors Microsoft, Intel and Forbes. To win, you just need to present a business plan that, in addition to the standard business plan info, explains how a Gateway Convertible Notebook (aka Tablet PC) will give you a competitive edge. First prize is one of these big widescreen convertibles. Grand prize is the same, plus $100,000 to get your business running. Despite my ill luck with the Gateway TPC, I do have a business idea that requires a mobile computer, so I'm sure I could use the widescreen, optical drive equipped convertible. The money will come in handy too. Based on the judging criteria, I think I have a good chance of being noticed. the idea is unique; the money will have an immediate impact; I can forecast an impressive potential Return on Investment; and I know exactly how the abilities of a Tablet PC will impact the system. Hopefully my previous luck with TPC-related contests has not been used up yet. Tricky part will be condensing the full plan to 200 words, but I'm good at summarizing. Gateway $100,000 Tablet PC Edge Contest

Win a Business Grant and TPC


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