Saturday, October 29, 2005

Managed to get a screw in my front left car tire the day before yesterday. Wasn't too much of an inconvenience though as it just meant carpooling on Friday. Ironically, the inconvenience has come as the result of what was supposed to be convenient: getting it patched at Costco. They provide free road hazard repair so I thought could just drop it off and pick it up later. Step one went through without a hitch. Step two? Not so good. Apparently they gave my rim to someone else, who apparently was not sharp enough to notice the tire on the rim he received was not new. Yeah, my tire still looked pretty good, but it sure wasn't new. By contrast, I immediately noticed the tire on the rim I was being given was new. If I hadn't said anything, I could have walked out with it. Of course, no guarantee that the rim would have fit. So I wound up waiting for fifteen minutes while they looked high and low for the rim until they realized someone else had it, Actually, I think they figured it out sooner but weren't going to bother telling me until I asked. Here's hoping they get it back by tomorrow, so I can drive on Monday.



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