Friday, October 14, 2005

In my never-ending quest to finetune my blog, I have eliminated post headers on the web pages and tightened up the spacing around the ink image. The only text left in the post are the links below the ink image. Been pondering ways to switch to integrate links into the image via an image map, but each path seems like more trouble than it's worth. For now, the links stay as they are. Not sure if the left hand menu is worth messing with either. Perhaps I'll change the headers to ink or add a handwritten title to the background.
Oh yes, I thought I'd start experimenting with multi-page posts as well. Don't want to go overboard and weigh down the blog but there were a couple of posts that could have gone further into detail. Also contemplating a scheme for when to use which stationery, but I'll probably stick with whimsy and keep the formality to a minimum. Finally, I added a link to the poundcake posts as a prototype for categorizing.

No Headers and other format changes


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