Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Finally dragged myself back to Best Buy, this time the one in Reston, to check out the Gateway widescreen TPC. Certainly does have the feel of a legal pad, which is a bit weird for me but probably natural to others. Couldn't really give it a good test drive because some asshole had brought a magnet to the store and fucked up the stylus. The pen cuts out at the sides of the screen and has nearly no pressure sensitivity. And since Gateway uses Finepoint, neither my nor the other pens they had at Best Buy could be used as a replacement.
Pardon my language, but I am very upset that someone would intentionally vandalize one of the few Tablet PCs available for the general public to pick up and try. They even had a great display that could show off the tablet in laptop or state mode and you could even pick it up and hold it. But none of that matters if the pen can't click icons or deliver ink. Even when the problem is explained, you can't help but be disappointed when you see that cursor limping along. And if there isn't a clerk handy to explain the problem, there is no way to protect a potential user from that terrible first impression.
I'm just frustrated that I finally see a TPC in a major retailer that is displayed in a manner that allows customers to test its true capabilities and some punk ruins it with a simple magnet. I only hope he kept that magnet in his pocket and wiped all his cards clean. Well, looks like I'm on a mission to give that tablet a proper test drive. Sterling Best Buy, here I come... eventually.

Tablet PC Vandalism!


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