Monday, October 08, 2007

Have the day off, so I'm taking advantage to run some errands, like getting new tires for thw Prius, getting my hair cut, and cleaning the dust out from under my Tablet PC screen.

I documented the process via photos I've uploaded to a Picasa web album (, along with details in the captions. Not very exciting but I thought it'd be useful to share.

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Columbus Day Tablet Screen Cleaning


  1. SC,

    Regarding the actual cleaning of said tablet - paper towel, cloth? And do you make up your own solution or just go with a standard Glass-Plus type of cleaning agent? I'm *way* overdue, but am fearful of really mucking things up!


    By Anonymous WtT, at 10/10/2007 04:20:00 PM

  2. Just a wipe down with a wet paper towel and dry with a soft cleaning cloth. No cleansers. It's not like there were fingerprints or guck on the underside of the screen cover, just stuck-on dust.

    By Blogger Sumocat, at 10/11/2007 09:31:00 AM

  3. Well hey, thanks for documenting this. I have a Toshiba R25 that needs to be cleaned too and this just gave me 'the balls' to do it. ^_^


    By Blogger zippy, at 12/05/2007 09:51:00 AM

  4. Thanks so much for posting this..I've got the same problem on my r25. By the way, from the pattern of dust under my screen, it seems to me that the dust might be getting in there through a little gap between the screen cover and the case located in the notch where the latch is hinged. I'm thinking that a little piece of tape under the latch could plug up the gap.

    By Blogger michael, at 1/17/2008 11:36:00 PM

  5. Michael: I've not noticed that pattern, but I also suspect the gap at the latch is contributing to the problem. Could be creeping in through the seams too (happened even on my old slate).

    By Blogger Sumocat, at 1/18/2008 07:44:00 AM

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