Thursday, October 04, 2007

Yeah, I'm confuzzled too, so here's the deal:

Ink blogging dynamo Silver ( maintains an ink blog. Within that blog is a separate blog called a Sideblog ( for additional commentary and short notes. In that sideblog, she's posted a couple of inked entries from her Pocket PC ( This is freakin' awesome for a few reasons.

First, it's an ink blog within an ink blog. Second, it's ink blogging from a Pocket PC, which puts a new spin on the format. Third, I love that the Pocket PC ink is in the sideblog next to the Tablet PC ink in the main blog - it's fun yet logical.

Silver posted a how-to video ( on her ink blog. Fairly lengthy and there's no text conversion, but I wouldn't consider that a priority for a sideblog. Check it out here (

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Silver adds ink to her ink blog's side blog


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