Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Trying to catch up with all the stuff I missed, so in no particular order, I think I'll start with TIME Magazine's disingenuous naming of "You" as their Person of the Year (http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1569514,00.html). First, they're lying to most of "You". Read the background and it's apparent they are only referring to the small segment of the population that engages in social interaction on the Internet. Most of "You" who read their magazine do not fit their criteria of "You". And by "You", I mean people other than you, since you are obviously reading this on the Internet. TIME, however, boasts a large offline readership, including many who do not participate in the activities that made "You" Person of the Year. This also excludes the even larger number of "You" who lack the time, resources, and/or knowledge to access the Internet at all.

Second, if you realize that "You" refers to a privileged minority who can afford such things as computers and cameraphones and time to spend on the Internet, you must recognize that "You" are not part of a digital democracy, but of an online aristocracy. This is not a judgment, merely a clarification, a reality check to keep us from sliding into a delusion of grandeur.

Have we uncovered a reasonable solution to the conflict in Iraq? Have we stopped the killings in Darfur? Have we done anything other than entertain each other using the newfound power of Web 2.0? The answer right now is "no". But that doesn't mean it has to remain "no".

TIME may have been premature in naming "You" Person of the Year, but they may yet prove to be correct if we recognize their honor for what it is: a prediction. "You" are the aristocracy leading a new revolution, much the way the Founding Fathers led the American Revolution. Like those leaders, "You" are numerous, but "You" are not the majority. Only after the masses are brought into the fold can the revolution truly begin. Then perhaps we can honestly claim "You" are worthy of being recognized as Person of the Year.

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TIME's Person of a Later Year


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