Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Still catching up on my regular blogging, and I feel very bad about not keeping everyone up to date on ink blogging activities.

First, Ed Holloway ( is really opening up the ink blogging field with his Ink Blog add-in ( for Windows Live Writer and explanations on how to get it to work with ftp servers. Unfortunately, WLW still doesn't like my ftp site. Might have to abandon it for Drive HQ.

Next, I was contacted by a fellow named Brad Chin ( who was really excited about ink blogging, but he caught me at the height of my trip craziness. I lost track of his doings, but he put some ink up on his blog. Sharp style.

I've also been trading comments with Cliff Brooks at Tablet Writer ( after his lament over the lack of ink on his blog. Well, he's fixing it with help from Ed and his software.

While away, I ran across Jason Dufair's weblog A Few Good Memes ( where he is experimenting with the ink blog format.

Another one who fell through the cracks is Phil Ferris at Cornish Pasty Blog ( What makes him unique is that he's using a Dell Axim for his ink posts. I ran across his blog a while back for something else (I think), but now he's got ink.

And finally, as I've been writing this, I got a ping from a lovely lady named Minda, who just started a new blog that is all ink. Very impassioned stuff over at Minda's Inky World (

Great to see so much ink on the web, and such good-looking ink at that.

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Ink Blogging Catch-up


  1. Thanks for the comment and thanks for leave everyone a link to my blog in your blog! Happy Holidays!

    By Anonymous Malinda, at 12/21/2006 02:36:00 PM

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