Thursday, September 07, 2006

I notice that a fairly frequent concern of prospective Tablet PC buyers is the feel of the stylus against the screen. Commonly, they hope it is similar to the feel of pen on paper. Before buying my tablet the thought never crossed my mind, but now that I've given it some thought, I realize that I don't really like the feel of pen on paper.

Despite the compliments I receive for my penmanship here, my handwriting on paper is half as clear, if that. I've become acutely aware of the relatively rough texture of paper and the inconsistent flow of ballpoint pen ink. In essence, those features others wish their tablet could provide are hindrances I do better without.

It is worth noting I developed this affection for smooth surface & ink prior to getting my tablet. In teaching at Sylvan, I favor dry-erase markers and slate boards and the kinds prefer it too. It's pleasing to think in that way, I'm helping to prepare them for a future when they'll be armed with Tablet PCs.

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Pen on Paper


  1. I dunno about you, but I got the Strong Engineering screen protector because I started to notice tiny, small scratches on my screen presumably from my pen. After getting it, I quite liked the feel of it more than an LCD without it. And I don't even notice those adhesive strips on the edges. Not to mention being Italian, my hands/wrists get moderately sweaty and a screen protector seems to take care of that problem fairly well :P

    But to each their own!


    By Anonymous Timbo, at 9/09/2006 12:54:00 AM

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