Saturday, May 06, 2006

As a comic book fan, I have an appreciation for the interweaving of visual and verbal forms of printed communication. This also colors my perspective in judging such works. Thus, when I read UMPC reviews that harp on the lack of built-in keyboard and optical drive, I see a poorly designed comic book panel, like the "Superman towing a planet" example from Scott McCloud's book, Understanding Comics. In the UMPC context, it looks like this...

I can see there's no keyboard and pointing that out is fine. But then you (and you know who you are) explain what one might do with a keyboard, as if your lowly readers don't know what a keyboard does.
Yes, maybe you had the printed page in mind and thought they might not include a photo of the new device. But space on a printed page is valuable and I don't see why you'd burn it on irrelevant info.

About the keyboard thing...


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