Thursday, November 10, 2005

Finally read the page where my "scrapbook case study" is posted on the Allegiance Technology Partners web site. Asked John if he could add a link to this blog; there's a link to my vacation blog but I rarely update that (I don't take that many vacations). I notice none of the other contest winners don't have case studies posted. Is that because my idea stands above everyone else's (even though I did not place first)? Or perhaps no one else gave John permission to post theirs? Probably the latter.

Anyway, despite the wealth and fame being a digital scrapbooker has brought me, I'm still not pleased with the label. Perhaps it's because the scrapbooking store in Countryside reminds me of a gingerbread house. Or perhaps it's because scrapbooking is generally seen as "unmanly" and I have a hard enough time explaining how gift-wrapping is a skill that makes use of my spatial talents. Regardless, henceforth I shall, in a blatant swipe from current trendy slang, be known as a photomasher. Spread the word.

I'm Not a Scrapbooker!


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