Tuesday, October 07, 2008

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The pen stirs creativity... maybe


  1. Sumocat -
    My own experience lends itself to your conclusion on this article. I use my TX2000z to work through law school. I have all the texts scanned. I often make screen shots of cases, treatises, laws, etc. and paste them into my Onenote pages for quick access during class. My experience is that no matter how hard I try to make major points stand out (bold, underline, different colors) my mind just can't quickly read it, process it, undrestand it, and move on quite like I can with ink. With several paragraphs on different aspects of some law, if I begin each paragraph with a hand written title and underline it, it is muy bueno. I can quickly see each topic and move to the next if it is not something I am searching for. If it is a bold faced text title instead, I spend a lot of time scrolling up and down over and over, inevitably going past the paragraph I am searching for, several times.

    By Blogger McKay Whitney, at 10/21/2008 08:33:00 AM

  2. Nice to have input from someone with a legal background. I've tossed the idea around with my wife who has her paralegal certificate and works with legal documents, but doesn't work extensively in law. She too is a big believer in the pen (though sadly on paper). Thanks for the corroboration.

    By Blogger Sumocat, at 10/21/2008 08:57:00 AM

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