Saturday, November 11, 2006

I sometimes lament that, while it includes text that can be indexed by search engines (like the Google), my blog lacks a simple way to do a Ctrl F (that's [command] F to you Maccies) search in a blog entry. You'd have to make the text visible first, and there's certainly no way to make the ink searchable. Can't be done, right? Yeah, that's what I said about Links in Ink (, and I was wrong then too. Check out my ink essay on "Energy, Broadband and Mobile Technology" ( for the proof-of-concept.

It's not one of the Big Changes ( I had planned, just an idea that clicked. After the big changes are implemented, I'll work on making "searchable ink" a standard feature of Scribbles and spill the secrets of how it works. Until then, you can analyze the POC and unravel the code for yourself. Be sure to click on the "hide/show text" button for more confuzzlement.

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