Monday, November 13, 2006

Read a truly artless memo from the CEO of a national corporation the other day. Distributed in PDF format via email, intended to be printed and read by the blue collar employees as well. Aside from the wretched use of language and punctuation, the memo had one glaring flaw: no signature.

Had this been a simple policy notice or trivial communication, this would not be an issue. However, this was in essence, a call to action with a moral and personal component. Omitting a signature, I feel, diminished the impact.

This brings me back to a discussion on the GBM forums ( on the topic of professionalism and ink. General consensus was that ink was too informal for general business purposes. Probably so, but this memo reminded me that a truly professional document requires a touch of ink.

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Professional should have used ink


  1. It is a shame that ink is still seem as an informal way to practice business, but I can sort of see why they might think that. Frankly, I see it as a more sort of sophisticated way to do things, at least from a technological standpoint. And if it is currently just limited to signatures, then so be it.

    Also, I see you're starting to include the Journal header in your posts; a welcome change, if you ask me, at least from an aesthetic viewpoint.

    Also, I wanted to ask you for guidance in terms of how you build and maintain a blog? I'm more interested in just how you decide or come up with content to post on a daily basis. Did you read some tips and hints on the process or was it more of a sort of natural flowing thing for you?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/14/2006 02:39:00 AM

  2. Everything about the blog is an experiment, including the content. Early on, the content was secondary since the biog was all about the ink. Now that the ink's established though, I am looking more at experimenting with content.

    The content-building process is more or less a free write with the intent of posting in mind. Some of what I write is not blog-worthy and I wind up with half-finished Journal files. Obviously, I did look at other blogs to see what they do, but it is more a natural flow for me.

    By Blogger Sumocat, at 11/14/2006 06:29:00 AM

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