Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We had a small server problem at work today, which is fixable, but it boils down to lack of storage space. Apparently we need more than 500 GB of storage space.

For those of you wondering if that's a lot, let me point out I have more storage than that at home, not counting the hard drive in my tablet and miscellaneous flash storage. My network drive alone is 500 GB, and I selected that model (Buffalo Linkstation Live) ( in part because it is expandable via USB drives. 500 GB is plenty for now, but I figured I'd need more later. Apparently, that's true for where I work too.

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Is 500 GB of storage a lot?


  1. Yes, I heard news about his minor stroke. But what concerns me is that multiple people in this community suffers the same fate and one particularly, passes away as in result. No matter how much we care and love technology, it won't save our life and we still have go for the most primitive yet most effective way so far - excercise, eat right, and "drink" right. No drugs of course, especially in this beautiful country when durgs are cheap and accepted commonly in popular TV and culture.

    Sadly, I'm living in an information age not enlightenment yet.

    By Anonymous Free Willy, at 1/18/2008 05:18:00 PM

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