Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Apple finally added a thin and light option to their notebook line called the Macbook Air (http://www.apple.com/macbookair/). Not a tablet so it holds no appeal to me, but I think it could pick up its share of users. Or it could tank.

I don't know. This one has me torn. It's getting some crap over the battery, single USB port, and fixed specs, but I get by fine with less battery life, lower power, and plug in all my accessories through one USB port via a hub. I really don't see these drawbacks as deal-breakers for most people.

On the other hand, who needs a Macbook that can fit in a standard manila envelope? I'd love to have one just so I can carry it in bubble wrap-padded envelope, but that's not terribly useful. The design is great, but design alone does not lead to success. Need to keep an eye on this one.

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Macbook Air: Next iMac or next Cube?


  1. An investor banker once told me one of the greatest asset in America is that the country is exceedingly wealthy and ridiculously rich. In my opinions, even kids can easily swap $3000 dollar with no problem and that small population alone already fuels a significant sale numbers for Apple. I say the functionalities are important but the style of the machine is definitely more appealing to the buyers. What do you think?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/18/2008 07:21:00 AM

  2. The style is definitely the selling point on this machine. In terms of functionality, I recognize the advantage of thinness in a portable, but I don't think that alone is enough to make it more worthwhile than a standard Macbook.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 1/18/2008 07:41:00 AM

  3. Hmm... indeed. Usually buyers will come to realize this after they buy it for a few weeks or so. Once the appeals wear away, they will switch back to their old IMac or standard Macbook. Isn't it how man looks for a woman or vice versa, lol!

    And of course, there is a sucker born every minute. And this time it's my little brother. He will soon regret this!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/18/2008 11:19:00 AM

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